The Sustainable & Impact Investing Learning & Knowledge (SIILK) Network was formed in 2017 at the convergence of several conversations within and beyond the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN) around the growing interest in student-managed investment funds pursuing sustainable investing strategies, as well as the development of sustainable investing focused curriculum.

IEN is coordinating the SIILK Network to help connect stakeholders including students, faculty, administrators, trustees, and financial professionals on campuses across the country that are involved with student-managed funds and sustainable investing curriculum development. Participants share best practices, resources, curricula, and undertake other activities to support sustainable investing funds and education. 

We have engaged 30 different student-managed funds, have over 70 students and faculty that join calls and participate in a listserv where group members can ask questions, share resources, and connect on different topic threads, we have monthly calls where students and faculty present to peers at other institutions and develop collaborative projects, and have developed a suite of public resources.

If you are interested in contributing to this conversation, feel free to email [email protected], use our contact form to indicate interest, or join the listserv.