Get Involved

Current Activities & Ways to Get Involved:

Google Group Listserv: a listserv and collaborative space for participants to share news, resources, events, project ideas, etc. Use the following link to join the group, which will also grant access to the Group’s Google Drive and Calendar containing monthly call information. Learn more here.

Student Corporate Engagement Competition: student teams to write and present an investment recommendation for a publicly-traded company listed on any major exchange, and include in the investment recommendation a proposed shareholder engagement strategy that aims to improve company financial and sustainability performance. Learn more here.

Regular Conference Calls: to share updates on developments at participating schools, and advance progress on specific projects of the group. Learn more here.

Resource Sharing & Development: the group has published a toolkit on how to start a student-managed fund, and is currently developing (1) a toolkit on shareholder engagement by student funds; (2) a database of student-managed funds and how they are structured; and (3) a collection of SRI-related curriculum. Learn more here.

Relationship Building, Network Building and In-Person Meetings: through the activities of SIILK, faculty, students and others are building relationships with counterparts at other institutions and identifying opportunities to connect in person at conferences such as SOCAP, The SRI Conference, and IEN events.

Mentorship Program: for pairing students interested in sustainable investing with experts from the industry who are already active in the Intentional Endowments Network, in turn providing students with real-world experience in sustainable investing and building their professional networks with industry partners. Learn more here

Student Coalition for Corporate Responsibility: Brings student-led investment funds from around the country together to coordinate shareholder engagement initiatives designed to make companies more socially responsible. Learn more here.