Redhawk Ventures

Established in 1997 with financial support from Procter & Gamble, RedHawk Ventures was one of the first student-led seed stage venture capital funds in the U.S. Today, RedHawk Ventures stands as one of the few venture capital funds in the nation that is entirely run by undergraduate students and provides these students with the opportunity to invest in Miami University student or alumni-led startups, exposing them to the complexities of venture capital investing.

Fund members come from diverse backgrounds and majors but all share one common goal: maximize the value of every startup that enters the investment pipeline while empowering a fluid entrepreneurial ecosystem at Miami University. Through capital investments, consulting projects and hands-on collaboration with founders, the RedHawk Ventures team works to achieve these goals.

While RedHawk Ventures can only provide capital to students and alumni, the team seeks to interact with any and all entrepreneurially-minded individuals who may need support.